The Hyderabad City Security Council (HCSC) has been launched by the Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate in collaboration with all establishments, government and citizens across the various zones of Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. This is a not for profit society to promote safety and security involving all the stakeholders of the community. This concept primarily adopts Public Private partnership (PPP) model in serving the society in the areas of Women safety, Traffic safety, Infrastructure security and Cyber security. HCSC is a unique initiative to promote awareness on personal safety and security, reduce crime and work towards enhancing safety and security in the city making Hyderabad a safe destination for living and businesses to flourish.

An organisation of this nature has been very successful in the form of SCSC which is a proven public Private partnership (PPP) model since last 13 years in serving the Cyberabad area involving the IT establishments, public and government organisations in the areas of Women safety, Traffic safety, Infrastructure security and Cyber security.

The Chairman of the council shall be the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad Police Commissionerate.

The Convener of the various forums will be the Jt. Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad Police Commissionerate.

The Office bearers and Executive committee members have all been drawn from various business establishments , Government departments like GHMC, Labour, Industries, Education and Health.



HCSC, on the same lines of SCSC, has ambitious plans of working with all the stake holders of the ecosystem and industry such as hospitality, corporates, small businesses, housing societies, educational institutions and the civil society to create awareness on the various identified areas of importance to them.

The Key Activities planned at HCSC are as follows :

  1. Development and implementation of programs and initiatives for achieving high levels of safety and security standards in Hyderabad City and for making it the most preferred Destination for living and setting up Industries.

  2. Conducting training programs for various stakeholders of the community— such as of individual citizens, establishments/corporations, educational institutions, civil societies, etc on personal security and safety, specifically Women safety, Road Safety, Cyber Security, best practices on infrastructure safety, surveillance, welfare of the inhabitants of the area and other connected aspects.

  3. Keeping communication channels open between police and various stakeholders of the community such as of individual citizens, establishments/corporations, educational institutions, civil societies, etc. to facilitate open discussions, create a platform for citizen grievance redressal.

  4. Helping the establishments in conducting self-security audits, coordinating security drills, sensitising their service staff such as drivers, security personnel etc.

  5. Facilitate sharing of best practices among the establishments on security practices and methods

  6. Creating awareness on Road safety among public, engage HCSC member community in traffic volunteering and sensitising drivers on safe driving practices.

  7. Creating awareness among women on their safety and security, educating them on safeguarding themselves by leveraging the constitutional and legal rights.

  8. Designing and implementation of programs towards women empowerment and also educating women on cyber safety.



Shri.Anjani Kumar IPS

Honourable Chairman, HCSC

Hyderabad Police Commissioner

Dr. P. Prasanthi

Secretary, HCSC

Director-Bhoomika women's collective

Dr. Tarun Joshi IPS

Convener, HCSC

Jt. Commissioner of Police-SB, Hyderabad

Shri. Avinash Mohanty, IPS

Convener-Cyber Security Forum, HCSC

Jt. CP Detective Department

Shri. LS.Chowhan, IPS

Convener-Traffic Forum, HCSC


Smt.Poojita Neelam

Convener-Womens Forum, HCSC

Addl.DCP - SHE Teams

Shri.Rajasekhar S

Associate Director, HCSC

Shri.Srikanth Srinivasan

Jt. Secretary–Cyber Security Forum

Senior Director & Head – Membership, NASSCOM

Shri.Piyush Agarwal

Jt.Secretary, Traffic Forum

Founder of The Installers

(India's first and only professional interior product installation company)

Shri. Bharani Kumar Aroll

Mentor & Advisor-HCSC



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