The HCSC Cyber Security Forum has been formed with the primary aim of
nurturing a safe, secure and resilient cyber space for the enterprises and
citizens of the city of Hyderabad. To further this cause, the forum has
come up with various activities and initiatives as given below.



Mrs Sirisha
Shri. Santosh Kaveti

Joint Secretary – Cyber Forum-HCSC
CEO & Founder ProArch Solutions

Shri. Gajrao Bhupal(IPS)

Convener, Cyber Forum-HCSC
Jt. CP Detective Department

Women Protest


To Nurture a Secure and Resilient Cyber Security Ecosystem for the Enterprises and Citizens of Hyderabad.


“Cyber Surakshak/Cyber Smart”

HCSC, under the leadership of the Commissioner of Police, launched the Cyber Surakshak Vidhya Sanstha initiative in collaboration with the WNS Cares' Cyber Smart initiative for schools. The digital program is designed to educate children, teachers, and parents on cyber awareness of the digital world.

“Cyber Surakshak Sansthan”

In association with Hyderabad City Security Council (HCSC), the Hyderabad City Police is launching the “Cyber Surakshak Sanstha,” an initiative to engage enterprises on Cyber Security and Compliance. CyberForum of HCSC aims to create resilient and secure cyberspace for the citizens and organizations. Towards this direction, we are launching a new initiative, the “Cyber Surakshak Sanstha,” producing a series of programs on the need for cyber security.

HCSC will be partnering with various industry experts to deliver a series of webinars, roundtable discussions, and workshops.