Shri. LS Chowhan IPS

DCP Traffic-I, Hyderabad

Convener, Traffic Forum-HCSC

Shri. Piyush Agarwal

Jt.Secretary, Traffic Forum-HCSC

Founder of The Installers ( Indias first and only professional interior product installation company)


The aim of the HCSC-Traffic Forum is to develop awareness about road safety, importance of following traffic rules and commuters safety. Various intervention programs are designed to educate commuters, drivers and public in general. Traffic Forum team comprises of  DCP-Traffic as Convener, Joint secretary Traffic Forum, Volunteers and  others.



Some of the objectives of Traffic Forum are:

  • Chota Cop Project for school students

  • Good Samaritan Project for Colleges

  • Sensitization Programs for cab, auto and bus drivers and two-wheeler riders

  • Traffic Farishtey

  • Cab Registrations for control on private vehicles

  • Awareness Sessions for employees of various companies and the general public on Road Safety.


Where we will be visiting schools to sensitize school kids to be the Chota Cops of their families so that they take pride in being a cop and socially or morally teaching their parents, relatives, drivers, etc to follow traffic rules.

In this we will be visiting colleges and sensitizing young Indians to be Good Samaritans by spreading awareness in the society on the importance of traffic safety and also following the rules themselves

We will be visiting various organizations/schools and conducts cab/bus drivers and two-wheeler riders sensitization programs for the drivers employed by the respective organisations. During these sessions, the drivers are explained about the important role they play for the growth of Hyderabad city, how they are brand ambassadors of the city, how they should conduct themselves and stick to the safety protocols of safe driving,good behavior towards passengers, more so women passengers and also the utmost importance of following traffic rules. As decided on various parameters like zero complaints from employees, on time adherence, zero accidents etc the drivers will also be rewarded.

This is a program to encourage employees/ general public to work in support with Traffic Police to ensure smooth conduct of traffic at Hyderabad roads. Any citizen/ employee who wants to work as a Traffic Farishtey can choose a Traffic junction where that person wants to work, can register themselves and contribute in aiding in traffic control after an initial induction by the Traffic police. They can work at their convenient timings and they will be provided with necessary apparatus like a traffic jacket (with Radium stickers), a hat, nose mask and a whistle. They can click all traffic violations through their mobile or a camera and share it with Hyderabad Traffic Police through Whatsapp. All appropriate ones will be sent Traffic Challans by the traffic police. All Traffic Farishtey who have put in consistent efforts to control traffic will be regularly rewarded with an appreciation certificate and a badge recognizing their efforts by the Hyderabad Traffic Police.


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